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Laitkiper's Merlin Promising The Win

Letter of the litter
SirA-Tebs Yukon Jack Of Wolf
DamLaitkiper's Jenifer
BreederShepeleva Elena
OwnerShepeleva Elena
Height59.8 sm
Weight27.2 kg
Pedigreeview pedigree
Title8CW, R.CACT, 7xCAC, 5xBOS, candidate at club champion, 6 x candidate at federation champion, Russian Champion

In memory

On the trail of yellow leaves 2013. 7
DescriptionLeader of Misha Gudakov's team. Lead in D- and C-class. 2 pure-bred place in Russian Championship VAES 2007, 3 place in European Championship WSA 2007 in juniors, 3 place in RKF Russian Championship 2008 (D-class), 2 place in RKF Russian hampionship 2008 (C-class), 2 place in the WSA World Championship 2008 in juniors
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